Wedding 411: Choosing a Wedding Cake is Kinda a Big Deal, So Let’s Do it Right!

Introduction to the Cake

“My policy on cake is pro having it and pro eating it!” Boris Johnson


Wedding receptions are often about enjoying good food with great friends. At Wonderstruck, our favorite wedding food is — no surprise — the much glorified wedding cake –  It is beautiful, delicious, and it makes a statement. Whats not to love? (Confession: Having the opportunity to eat wedding cake a couple of times a month with our lovely couples is definitely a sweet deal.)


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In this post, we are going to offer some insight on the origins of the wedding cake, the importance of personalizing your wedding cake design, and we are going to share three of our best tips on how to have your dream wedding cake and eat it too!

For many couples, after booking a venue and searching for the perfect attire, the search for the perfect wedding cake is often near the top of their to do list. Choosing a wedding cake that’s just right is a major part of creating beautiful memories. A wedding cake is more than a traditional desert. It’s a work of art, a symbol of love, and a reflection of the special personalities of the couple.  It reflects their hobbies, their wedding theme, their unique “oneness” as they begin a new life together.

A Little Background on Wedding Cake

“The most dangerous food is wedding cake” American Proverb


Why cake? What’s wrong with pie? Why not ice cream sundaes or popcorn balls? Good question. It’s interesting to note that the tradition of wedding cake can be traced all the way back to the ancient Romans. The cakes then were made of a heavy brown flour, (minus the frosting, thank goodness) which was ceremoniously broken up and sprinkled over the Bride’s head. Guests then ate the pieces to bring them good luck.

Lucky for us, that tradition has gone out of style. Eventually the cake loaf gave way to sweet sugar buns. These would be mounded up in front of the bride and groom, and if they could succeed in kissing each other over the pile, it proved that their love would be fruitful.


Your Possibilities are Limitless

“Let them eat cake!” Marie Antoinette

Cake design can be as simple or as over the top as you wish. The most important thing is that the design reflects your personal style. The words of the fashionable french queen Marie Antoinette have been carried out to their fullest extent in some of the most expensive and glamorous weddings this world has ever seen.

Prince William and Kate spent $80,000 on their wedding cake alone. We hope it tasted good! Movie stars and glamour queens have ordered cakes decked with thousands of diamonds and studded with rubies. There are wedding cakes sporting bouquets dipped in edible gold, dripping in silver chains, and towering over six feet. Couples have been known to specially order cakes that perfectly match the lace on a wedding gown, or even order a cake in the shape of their favorite pet.

There are truly no limits when it comes to choosing a wedding cake. Enjoy your freedom to be as traditional or as daring as you want to be with your wedding cake design. Its all part of the fun.

To help you plan your perfect wedding cake read on and learn our top three tips:


Our Top 3 Tips on

Choosing a Wedding Cake

1. Do your research:

OK, that sounds boring. It also sounds suspiciously like work. Don’t worry, it can be a blast! Start early so that you can give yourself plenty of time to browse through lists of email address and phone numbers for various bakeries or cake shops. Check out their customer reviews, compare pricing, and find out which services they offer — and which ones they don’t. Do they deliver? Will they put the flowers on your cake or will your florist be responsible? Do they provide a cake stand? Do they specialize in fondant or buttercream decorations? Can they do both?

Write down all questions you might have ahead of time so you don’t forget anything when you get on the phone or meet with with baker in person.


2. It should look like YOU

However obvious that may sound, it’s one of the most crucial ideas to remember when it comes to any kind of wedding planning. Look up pictures of styles or colors that you like, sketch out a unique monogram or design that has a special meaning to you and your fiancé, collect swatches of material and know what flowers you’ll be decorating with.

A cake is not just a desert, it’s an important aspect of your decorating as well, so make sure you are choosing a wedding cake that is congruent with the rest of your decor. All of these details play important roles in the final design of your wedding cake! If you have trouble placing your finger on exactly the right cake style, choose a “cake-maker” that will work with you on a personal level – or ask your wedding planner to recommend one that matches your taste and budget (pun intended). Make sure you feel comfortable communicating with your wedding cake baker — they should be more than willing to help you wrap up all your ideas into the perfect wedding cake!


3. Make sure it tastes good

This is crucial. A lot of stunning wedding cakes have the reputation for tasting suspiciously like styrofoam. You want something to compensate for the tragedy of having to cut your gorgeous creation, and that means an awesome tasting inside!

Picking the flavors can be another outlet for your creativity. Don’t be tied to the traditional “lemon in summer, chocolate in winter” mentality. Make your guests’ mouths water with a different flavor and filling for every cake tier. Provide a rich chocolate chunk cake with peanut butter filling for your heartier guests and possibly try a more dainty direction for other guests with a raspberry cream filling on white sour cream cake. Your guests should remember not only the stunning looks of the cake, but that it tasted so great even the health freaks went back for seconds!

So remember… cake is not just food! It’s your personal work of art, it tastes amazing, and it carries on a tradition that has lasted throughout the ages!

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