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The long awaited Mad Men Season 7 premiere may be a few months away, but right now it’s time to plan the themed wedding you’ve been dreaming of – A Sixties Mod Wedding! There are many fashions that emerged during the 60s, but for this blog post, we choose to focus on the sleeker half of the decade – when the icons of fashion were the likes of The Kennedy’s, Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, and Elizabeth Taylor – and before the hippy-dippy style took over. So, if your dream wedding includes looking a lot like Don & Betty Draper, (but definitely not having a marriage like theirs) this is for you.

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The term Mod comes from the British subculture that was mostly focused on fashion and music. The British Invasion was a huge influence on Americans and the fashion was quickly adapted in the U.S. Lucky for us, Mad Men‘s  costumes are impeccable (and award winning!) so, if you need a lot of visual inspiration, you’ve got yourself an excuse to binge watch every single episode of drama that happens on Madison Avenue, again.

In the early 60s, women’s décolletage was getting lower, and skirts were getting shorter. Hooray! Being allowed to show more skin, gave women the opportunity to showcase many new fashions. Wedding dresses in the early 60s had tea length skirts, with a very flouncy petticoat underneath, often beaded work, a banded waist, and a scooped neck. Jackie Kennedy helped to usher in the popularity of sleeveless dresses and gowns. Previously, sleeveless garments were not considered appropriate for black tie events and cap sleeves stayed on most gowns until 1963.

These dresses were featured in the Fall/Winter 2013 issue of Seattle Bride Magazine in a feature called Mod About You with photography by Ryan McVay:





Men – We hope you like fashion, because dressing yourself for your big day could be one of the most awesome fashion moments you will experience in your life. Truly, the men’s fashion of the 1960s gives us chills every time we see men rocking it today. You all just look so shiny dressed like that! Please, do it more often.

Grooms, you could go all out and wear a tux, you could get a beautiful tailored suit in navy, black, or grey, you could opt for one of the amazing colorful suit options you have that’s inspired by the British Mods. How about a double-breasted suit with a striped or checkered pattern, a shirt with some frills, and a tie with a bold pattern?

Your options for music are endless when it comes to this revolutionary decade. We’ll likely post a playlist blog dedicated entirely to a 1960s playlist at some point in time. But for now here are some ideas. For a first dance as a couple, you could go with The Beatle’s tune In My Life or The Beach Boys’ God Only Knows. Or perhaps you are more of a Dylan fan? Try Lay Lady Lay. Make sure that your playlist includes a lot of Motown – The Four Tops, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, and our very favorite, Stevie Wonder, who we think is a staple for any wedding playlist no matter the theme.

One of our favorite Mad Men inspired decor ideas is to have a Typewriter Guestbook. Go to a local antique shop and pick up a functioning typewriter. They do not cost that much! Get some cards ready and have your guests type out their names and perhaps a little message or advice for the new couple. It will provide a great amount of entertainment for your guests during the reception and for you after the honeymoon.


One last bit of inspiration for you before we sign off. AMC’s Mad Men website has an extensive list of appropriate cocktails you can serve at your Sixties Mod Wedding. Here they are. Enjoy!

xoxo, Wonderstruck

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