You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers -as well as opinions galore! Please scroll down the page to see if we’ve already covered your burning question, and if not, please feel free to send us an inquiry here, and we will get back to you asap. We do our best to respond to all questions within 24 hours. Thanks for perusing our FAQ.

Q: Wait, are you a design or a planning company? Aren’t those different?

Most commonly, wedding and event planners only plan events and don’t design. Also, in most cases event designers only design, and don’t do event planning. Our company is different because we offer BOTH designing and planning. We’ve been that way from the start. Its our bag, baby. We love it. And so do our incredible clients.

We feel we do our best work when we both design and plan your event with you – because it becomes a seamless and streamlined process that way. However, we often play only one of the rolls on a project. For example, if you already have a wedding planner – but need a wedding designer – we’d love to work with you as the designer only. Or if you are working with a designer already, but need someone to coordinate all your details and plan your event – we can do that too. OR, best of all, you can hire us for the whole she-bang. Pow. Done. Let’s Party!

Q: Can I afford a wedding consultant and how much can I expect to pay?

We would say that if you value your sanity on your wedding day, and you want to actually enjoy your wedding, hiring a wedding day-of-coordinator is PRICELESS. (We’ll even let you in on a secret: Katie designed her own wedding, but was smart enough to hire a wedding day-of coordinator, despite being a pro – and she is so glad she did!) We also believe that if you have a strict budget, doing your own design and planning work is a smart option for those who are able – but keep in mind – planning and designing a wedding is not an easy task (although it can be really fun), and many couples are not prepared to do the work required on their own to achieve the wedding they desire. Enter the panic that sometime hits around the 3 or 6 month mark – This is where wedding planners and designers come in handy. We’ve done this before. We know all the right people. We can hook you up and relieve your worries and take over your to do list efficiently and happily.

Lets be real – Planning a wedding can be stressful  – but it doesn’t need to be.  Our wedding design and planning services provide you with a professional who can help you choose venues, vendors, answer etiquette questions, help with budgets and schedules, and attend to all the personal design touches your wedding requires leading up to the wedding day and so much more. Our wedding day-of coordination services provide you with a professional who reviews and confirms your planning before your wedding and then physically attends your rehearsal, and your ceremony and reception to manage all of the vendors, set up, tear down, and scheduling necessary to make sure your wedding plans happen the way you want them to. A day-of coordinator can drastically reduce your wedding stress by managing and organizing all of the details on the day of the wedding so you can enjoy yourself. We would be thrilled to help you with one or both of these service tracks.

Our prices are competitive with other experienced wedding planners and designers in the Seattle area and our base prices are listed on our “Marry Us” Page. We realize that each couples needs, ideas, and personality are different. Your wedding is personal – your wedding coordination and design package is personal too!  We construct a flat fee per event – specially tailored to each client, based upon the services that are required of us. Under the flat fee that is established, we will complete all of the work that we have agreed to do regardless of how long it takes us to complete it. (We don’t believe in nickel and diming you for overtime.) Contact us today to set up your free consultation where we will discuss:

  • Which design or coordination package might be a good fit for you
  • Customization of services
  • The specifics of a proposal for services based on your individual needs

Q: Why do you charge a flat investment fee instead of a percentage of the total wedding budget?

A planner who charges a percentage of your total wedding budget has no incentive to save you money where vendors are concerned or to find you the best deals. Since we charge a flat or hourly fee (depending on service negotiated) we work with your best interests in mind to find you top quality vendors for a fair price. Also, any industry discounts we are able to negotiate are passed on to you, and never pocketed ourselves. We are very transparent with you regarding budgeting and spending on all fronts.

Also – if you have questions about our pricing – lets have a conversation. We will be happy to explain what you get for your investment and why its structured the way it is. We are sure you will see the value in our services once you get to know us.

Q: How does your investment structure work?

Deposit / Retainer: A retainer of 50% of the estimated investment and a signed contract are required prior to any services being performed by Wonderstruck Event Design.
Said retainer is non-refundable after three days from date of payment.

PaymentSchedule: The remaining 50% of the balance is due at the Wrap –Up appointment which usually occurs one month to 2 weeks before your event. Final payment is due no later than two weeks prior to your eventdate. If payment is not received by that time, contracted services may cease until payment due to consultant is paid in full. All payments must be paid by personal check, cashier’s check, money order, pay pal, or credit card. WonderStruck Event Design accepts Visa and Mastercard. Any and all additional contracted services, overtime fees and/or changes will be agreed to in writing by both parties, and are payable in full when due. Services cannot be modified that will decrease the value of the service or package after a contract is signed. Fees for services contracted, or expenses incurred after final payment, or on wedding day, will be billed separately to Client. Payment will be due no later than 30 days after wedding/event date.

If you have ideas about other payment options you’d like to explore, we are open to discussing your thoughts and how we can work together.

Q: Do you work with LGBTQ couples?

Yes!  Love is love, and everyone deserves to celebrate their love their way.  We’d love to work with you to plan and design your perfect day.

Q: If I hire a wedding planner / coordinator, won’t they want to take over my wedding and run the whole show?

Perhaps some wedding planners and coordinators act this way, but at Wonderstruck, we promise that when you work with us, we will deliver your wedding or special event your way. We are professionals and we work with our clients to handle only as much or as little of the event planning as you want. Its your special day and we don’t want to take away any of the fun of planning and making key decisions. You will always make all of the ultimate decisions – we just help with the creative ideas and make sure that everything is executed according to your wishes. Your wedding should be a reflection of your personal style. Its your wedding – our job is to bring you as much extra happiness on your wedding day as we can – not to add to your worries.

Q: My Mom / family friend is going to help me plan the wedding. I don’t need a professional, do I?

Let us answer this question with another question: Why would you want to make your invited wedding guests work on your wedding day when they should be celebrating with you? Your friends and family may agree to help you on your day, but believe us, they probably don’t really feel comfortable taking charge and making decisions that are going to affect one of the most important days of your life. Let us work with you to handle all of the details instead – from overseeing setup and strike to directing vendors, guests, and the wedding party- and let your friends and family enjoy the party as they merrily snap albums of iphone pictures.

Q: What if I have already done all of the planning. Can you still help me?

Yes! Thats just what our On Point Package is designed for. We can confirm and take over management of your selected vendors, we can assist you in running your wedding rehearsal and we can be there for your ceremony and reception to make sure everything goes as planned.

Q: How soon should I book your services?

We recommend booking a wedding planner as soon as possible (6-12 months ahead of your wedding date is typical for wedding design and full planning) A wedding coordinator should be booked 6 months ahead of your wedding date if possible, but less notice is frequently possible to accommodate as long as a coordinator has your event date free.

We only take a limited number of events per year so that we can give each of our clients the time and attention they deserve. Wonderstruck carries a Washington State business license and $1,000,000 in general liability insurance.

Q: Will you bring an assistant to the event?

Yes! We always bring one assistant and sometimes two to help coordinate everything on the day of an event. Day-of coordination is best played as a team sport! One assistant’s time for day-of assistance is an included cost in most packages. If a second or third assistant is necessary due to the size or complexity of your event needs, you will be notified at least one month before the event, and billed accordingly. You will never be charged for any labor that you don’t agree to ahead of time.

Q: Will you do all the set up and clean up of my event? Thats part of what wedding planners and coordinators do, right?

Great question. The short answer is that we are planners and designers not janitors, caterers, or a moving company. We do not sweep, mop, or bus tables to clean up after your event. If hired only for planning and coordination, we do not bring truckloads of furniture or decor items to your event and install them for you (unless you have hired us for design -and then we totally do!)  However, we can definitely hire people to take care of that for you if your caterer or venue or family-centric design team does not.

We do help with most of your decor set up and oversee all vendor installations. We also make sure that everything for your ceremony and reception is set up as planned and on time. Sometimes additional staffing is required to meet your needs for set up and tear down when decor is complicated or when guests lists are large – and we are super happy to help you tackle those logistics and hire the right people to make sure your event is AWESOME and there are no stinky dishes piled in the corner after dessert.

Q: You guys are cool, and I want to know more – What do I do if I have more questions?

We’d love to answer those questions for you.
Please email Katie @ [email protected] and we will tackle your question and get back to you as soon as we can. Also check out our Contact Us page for more information.

Thanks so much for reading our FAQ, We hope to plan, design, and party with you soon.